How can i get first bank sort code?

How can i get first bank sort code?

First Bank sort code (all branches) If you take a look at your check leaf, you will see a 9-digit number that appears in the middle and printed on the MICR of your financial document.

What is the bank code for first bank?

List of FirstBank USSD Code

FirstBank USSD Transaction Type FirstBank Transaction USSD Code
For transfer Dial *894*Amount*Account Number#
USSD for mini-statement Dial *894*Account Number#
To check balance Dial *894*00#
To deactivate your mobile number from USSD profile Dial *894*911#

What is my bank sort code?

Where is the sort code? You can typically find your sort code On bank statements and in your online or app banking. Many banks also print the sort code on the front or back of the bank card together with the account number.

What is the bank code for first bank nigeria?


What is my bank sort code in nigeria?

How do I get my bank sort code?

  1. Open your cheque book and identify the set of three numbers underneath its leaf. The first is your cheque number, while the second the bank sort code, and the third your account number.
  2. Although more stressful, you can also inquire from any official branch of your bank.

What is the swift code for firstbank nigeria?


Is sort code same as swift code?

A SWIFT code is also known as a BIC: a Bank (or Business) Identifier Code. Like a sort code, a SWIFT code/BIC identifies your bank – but unlike a sort code, it’s recognised internationally. SWIFT codes and BICs are either 8 or 11 digits long. As well as identifying the bank, they identify the country.

How do i get my first bank account number?

First, dial *894*0# using a phone number linked with your First Bank Account and select your debit card on from the options you see. Enter the 4-digit PIN associated with that debit card and choose the 5-digit PIN for FirstBank quick banking. Finally, dial *894*00# to reveal your First Bank account number.

How do i transfer money to first bank?

Transfer money easily with *894# and enjoy the 894 life. Moh’d Nazeer and 138 others like this.

What is the sort code on a card?

What is a sort code? Your sort code is personal to the account your money is kept in, meaning if you have two accounts with the same provider, they might share a sort code. In traditional banks, the sort-code is specific to the high street branch you bank with.

How to check my first bank details?

If you have an existing FirstBank debit card(s) linked to your account(s): Simply Dial *894*0# A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed.

How many digits is bank sort code?

It is a 6 digit number, with the first two digits representing the Bank Identification Number (BIN) and the last four digits representing your account number. Sort codes are easy to remember but can be confusing sometimes.

Can a sort code be more than 6 digits?

The number will begin with the two-digit country code, followed by the two-digit check numbers, the four-digit country code, the six-digit code of the bank branch and the eight-digit bank account number. Conversely, Sort codes are much simpler at only six numbers made up of pairs of two numbers.

Is branch code same as bank code?

The first 3 digits, called the bank code, is required for interbank wire transfers. The last 4 digits are a branch code, which is rarely used.

How can i recharge from firstbank without pin?

Dial *894*Amount# To recharge your mobile phone number registered with FirstBank.

What is the sort code for polaris bank?

Find a Branch

BankCode SortCode BranchAddress
076 076151093 Nahco Complex Ikeja , Internationa Airport Ikeja
076 076151103 4,Oremeji Street,Ikeja
076 076151116 26 Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Lagos
076 076151129 Hall 2, Int’L Trade Fair Complex, Aspamda, Lagos-Badagry Express Way, Lagos.