How do you use microwave in a sentence?

How do you use microwave in a sentence?

It’s something by putting food in a microwave. The kitchen came complete with oven, cooker and microwave and fridge freezer.

What are the 5 uses for microwave?

Conclusion: A microwave oven is a very versatile kitchen appliance that offers a whole range of uses. Microwave ovens can be used to Reheat and cook food, disinfect kitchen items, make citrus fruits juicier, heat beauty products, roast garlic and de-crystallising honey.

What is microwaves in simple words?

Microwaves are defined as Electromagnetic radiations with a frequency ranging between 300 MHz to 300 GHz. In contrast, the wavelength ranges from 1 mm to around 30 cm. Microwave radiation is commonly referred to as microwaves. They fall between infrared radiation and radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

What are microwaves examples?

Microwaves are basically extremely high frequency radio waves, and are made by various types of transmitter. In a mobile phone, they’re made by a transmitter chip and an antenna, in a microwave oven they’re made by a “magnetron”. Their wavelength is usually a couple of centimetres. Stars also give off microwaves.

What are 3 uses for microwaves?

Microwaves are also employed in microwave ovens and in radar technology.

  • Communication.
  • Navigation.
  • Radar.
  • Radio astronomy.
  • Heating and power application.
  • Spectroscopy.

How is microwave used for cooking?

Cooking with Microwaves

Microwaves are produced inside the oven by an electron tube called a magnetron. The microwaves are reflected within the metal interior of the oven where they are absorbed by food. Microwaves cause water molecules in food to vibrate, producing heat that cooks the food.

What is the most common use of microwaves?

One of the most common uses of microwaves is To heat food quickly. Microwave ovens are possible because microwaves can be used to transmit thermal energy.

What are 2 common examples of microwaves?

Examples of Microwaves

  • Ovens. One of the major applications of microwaves can be seen in the kitchen appliances such as a microwave oven. …
  • GPS. …
  • Wi-Fi. …
  • Bluetooth. …
  • RADAR. …
  • Communication Systems. …
  • Medical Equipment. …
  • Weapons and Military Equipment.

Can you use microwave as a verb?

Microwave (verb) Microwave oven (noun)

What does it mean to microwave food?

A microwave or a microwave oven is an oven which cooks food very quickly by electromagnetic radiation rather than by heat. transitive verb. To microwave food or drink means To cook or heat it in a microwave oven. Steam or microwave the vegetables until tender.

Where can i use a microwave?

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  • 1) Over the range. This is a classic choice, especially in smaller kitchens. …
  • 2) On an upper shelf. …
  • 3) On a lower shelf. …
  • 4) Built in with a trim kit. …
  • 5) In combination with a wall oven. …
  • 6) In a drawer. …
  • 7) HIDDEN In a cabinet.

What are microwaves give any two uses?

To cook food As it cause water and fat molecules to vibrate, which makes the substances hot. Mobile phones use microwaves, as they can be generated by a small antenna. Wifi also uses microwaves. Fixed traffic speed cameras.

What is best to use in microwave?

The FDA recommends using Glass, ceramic, and plastic containers Labeled for microwave oven use.