What do sst tubes test for?

What do sst tubes test for?

Serum Separator Tube (SST®) for serum determinations in chemistry and serology. Contains separator gel and should not be used for toxicology or drug testing. Inversions ensure mixing of clot activator with blood. Blood clotting time 30 minutes.

What does sst mean in a blood test?

Serum separator tube (SST) contains a. gel at the bottom to separate blood cells. from serum on centrifugation.

What is a sst gold blood test for?

Specimen required: 5ml serum SST (Gold top) Tests are performed by the immunology department at St Richards Hospital. This combined test will Detect auto antibodies to gastric parietal cells; mitochondria; smooth muscle and liver-kidney microsomes.

What specimen would you get from an sst?

This tube is used for collecting Serum or clotted whole blood specimens. This tube should be used for all drug levels. Serum Separator Tube (SST) (Tiger Top): Does not contain an anticoagulant but contains a clot activator and serum separator gel. This tube is used for collecting serum.

What is the difference between sst and pst tubes?

SST refers to the Serum Separator Tube containing clot activator and serum separator gel. PST refers to the Plasma Separator Tube containing lithium heparin and plasma separator gel.

What is the difference between a red top tube and an sst tube?

Red top – Tube without gel separator, used mainly for serology and chemistry testing. 10mL Red top tubes are used in Blood Bank for antibody screens. c. SST / Gold top – Tube contains a clot activator / gel separator which separates the cells from the serum for a variety of testing.

What is the difference between sst and pst phlebotomy?

The Plasma Separator Tube, also referred to as PST™, contains lithium heparin and plasma separator gel; whereas, the Serum Separator Tube, also referred to as SST™, contains a clot activator and a serum separator gel.

What does the term sst mean?

Slang / Jargon (3) Acronym. Definition. SST. Sea Surface Temperature.

What color tube is used for sst?


Light Blue 3.2% Sodium Citrate 4.5 mL
Gold Top (Serum Separator, “SST”) Contains separating gel and clot activator 6.0 mL
Light Blue – Yellow Label on Tube Thrombin 2.0 mL
Green Sodium heparin(100 USP Units) 5.0 mL

What tube contains sst?

Trademarked versions of the SST include Covidien “Corvac” tubes. They contain a special gel that separates blood cells from serum, as well as particles to cause blood to clot quickly. The blood sample can then be centrifuged, allowing the clear serum to be removed for testing.

What is included in a smac blood test?

SMAC is a comprehensive blood test that analyzes more than 20 components including Total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, glucose and a CBC (Complete Blood Count.) The Health Department’s nursing staff will provide blood pressure screening and health education brochures will also be available.

Is sst yellow chem blood test fasting?

No dietary preparation is required.

What are the 4 types of specimen?

The types of biological samples accepted in most clinical laboratories are: Serum samples, virology swab samples, biopsy and necropsy tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, whole blood for PCR, and urine samples.

How much serum can you get from sst tube?

The 8.5 mL red-top tube will yield approximately 3.5 mL Serum after clotting and centrifuging.

What blood test is sst gel?

Notes. The short Synacthen test is A test of adrenal insufficiency Which can be used as a screening procedure in the non-critically ill patient. The test is based on the measurement of serum cortisol before and after an injection of synthetic ACTH (also known as tetracosactrin).