Who has the best record on monday night football?

Who has the best record on monday night football?

The franchise with the most Monday night appearances is the Dallas Cowboys. The Pittsburgh Steelers got the all-time lead in most wins on November 8, 2021. They had 50 wins.

Which nfl team has the best winning percentage on monday night football?

Since 1970, the Seattle Seahawks Have the highest winning percentage by a team on Mondays, winning 70.7 percent of the time.

How often does the home team win on monday night football?

On “MNF,” home teams have enjoyed the least advantage, going 71-57 SU and 58-66-4 ATS (47.5%). Two Monday night games Have been played on neutral fields in that span.

What is the seahawks monday night football record?

The Seattle Seahawks have a 29-12 Record on Mondays all-time.

Who is the winningest quarterback on monday night football?

Dan Marino Has the most career wins by a quarterback on Mondays, with 20 wins.

Who has the most touchdowns on monday night football?

Jerry Rice Has gotten the most career total touchdowns on Mondays, with 36 touchdowns.

Who has the best record in the nfl 2022?

NFL Standings in 2022/2023 Season

Team %
1 Seattle Seahawks 62.5
2 San Francisco 49ers 50.0
3 Los Angeles Rams 42.9
4 Arizona Cardinals 37.5

Who has the worst record in the nfl 2022 season?

Since 2021, the Houston Texans Have the worst record by a team in a season, with a record of 0-3-1 this season.

What team has won the most away games?

United have recorded 17 away wins at Villa Park (Aston Villa) and Goodison Park (Everton); the joint-most league victories for the club on the road.

Most away wins in the Premier League.

Team Away wins
Manchester United 300
Chelsea 259
Arsenal 246
Liverpool 239

How accurate is the home team?

But while Home Team does invent the classic underdogs-to-winners tale for the movie, It is accurate to real life that Payton used simplified versions of his Saints playbook. The Liberty Christian Warriors, as they were known, dominated opponents until they ran into a team called the Orange Porcupines.

How much is home field worth in nfl?

The betting angle for home-field advantage

For many years, oddsmakers and NFL bettors have determined that home-field advantage is worth about 3 points to the betting spread. Some stadiums with rowdier fanbases or in colder climates might have a tad larger home-field advantage.

Who is the biggest seahawks fan?

Rainn Wilson

There’s no question: He is no assistant-to-the-Seahawks-superfan; Wilson is the Seahawks superfan.

What is the highest scoring seahawk game?

The Seattle Seahawks scored their most points in a game against the Cardinals on December 9, 2012, with 58 points.

What is the most points the seahawks in one game?

Since 2012, the Seattle Seahawks have their most points in a game versus the Cardinals on December 9, 2012, with 58 points.

What is aaron rodgers monday night football record?

Aaron Rodgers is 11-8 On Mondays in his career.

What qb has the most wins with one team?

Interpreted as:

Tom Brady Bills 33
Tom Brady Jets 30
Ben Roethlisberger Browns 26
Brett Favre Lions 26

Which qb has the most running touchdowns?

Which quarterback has the most rushing touchdowns in history?

  • Cam Newton: 75.
  • Steve Young: 43.
  • Jack Kemp: 40.

What nfl qb has the most tds?

Tom Brady Holds the record for most passing touchdowns with 633 and most playoff touchdown passes with 86.

Who has the best win percentage?

The Green Bay Packers have the highest all-time winning percentage during the regular season of the National Football League. The franchise has an impressive win percentage of 57.3 percent.

Characteristic Winning percentage
New England Patriots 56.3%
Miami Dolphins 55.3%
Minnesota Vikings 54.4%
San Francisco 49ers 54.2%

What nfl player has the best winning percentage?

Otto Graham Holds the record for the highest winning percentage with a minimum of 50 starts at .814 (57–13–1). Brady also holds the record for the most postseason wins with 35, and the record for combined wins in the regular season and postseason, with 281.

Which nfl team has best playoff percentage?

Since 1998, the New England Patriots Have the best winning percentage by a team in the playoffs, winning 69.8 percent of the time.