What happens in chapter 19 of watership down?

What happens in chapter 19 of watership down?

The next day, Blackberry suggests to Hazel that they build a warren for themselves. Although this is normally a task for does, not bucks, they decide that it is a good idea anyway and begin working. Later, Hazel, Bigwig, Dandelion, and Speedwell go down the hill to find some good grass.

How many chapters are in watership down?

Answer and Explanation: Watership Down has Twenty-eights Chapters, including the epilogue where Hazel dies of old age after having seen his warren rise to prosperity.

What does the mouse say in watership down?

Still later, the mouse saves the warren on Watership Down by warning of approaching danger. As he says, You ‘elp a mouse. One time a mouse ‘elp you. You want ‘im ‘e come.

How do cowslip and the others react when fiver tells them that bigwig is caught in a snare?

They learn that Cowslip and all the others would not come help and that they ignored Fiver when he went for help. Suddenly Bigwig gets up, claiming that he will go kill Cowslip. The rabbits become enraged and go to kill the others, but Fiver silences them all and tells them the story he has pieced together.

What happens in chapter 25 watership down?

Pipkin and Hazel take their time in getting back to Watership Down, and don’t return until evening. Hazel urges Pipkin to keep their expedition a secret from the others, but back in the burrow, Fiver catches the scent of a farmyard on Hazel’s feet and asks him what he’s been up to.

What happens in chapter 20 of watership down?

Chapter 20: A Honeycomb and a Mouse

Hazel manages to get Holly and Bluebell up to the top of the down without any trouble, although it takes a while and he is very worried. Pipkin and Dandelion take the two injured rabbits into one of the holes and tell the others to leave them be to rest as much as they need.

Is watership down appropriate for 12 year old?

Its recommended age range of 8 and above Feels sensible.

Who does fiver mate with in watership down?

Vilthuril Is a doe born in Efrafa who is liberated by Bigwig and becomes Fiver’s mate some time after her escape. She is one of the two does that gives birth to litters (the other being Hyzenthlay to Hazel’s litter) after the final conflict with Efrafa.

What kind of rabbit is bigwig?

Appearance. In the book Bigwig is described as “…A large, heavily built rabbit – one of the Owsla. He [has] a curious, heavy growth of fur on the crown of his head, which [gives] him an odd appearance, as though he was wearing a kind of cap.” The film as well as the mini series kept to this description.

Who does bigwig end up with in watership down?

Thethuthinnang Was a doe who was a part of Efrafa but was rescued by the Watership Down rabbits. Thethuthinnang is one doe out of the other ten or eleven does from Efrafa. When they returned to Watership Down, she became Bigwig’s mate, although only in the book.

Who removed the bullets from hazels leg?

Chapter 28: At the Foot of the Hill

The next morning, Kehaar Comes down and pulls the shotgun pellets out of Hazel’s leg.

Why did hazel first want to help kehaar?

Hazel wants Kehaar To find some does, as the bird can travel farther much faster than the rabbits could.

What happens in chapter 7 of watership down?

The rabbits see a lendri, which is a badger, and are afraid for their lives. Bigwig leads them along the Enborne River bank to find safety. To maintain peace, Hazel thanks Bigwig for saving them and lets Bigwig think he could not have done it without him.

Why is it called watership down?

Watership Down may not be important to us humans, but it’s the place the rabbits call home. Naming the book after this place is another way of saying “humans aren’t the only living things. Rabbits have needs, too.”

Is watership down a real place?

Watership Down is a hill or a down at Ecchinswell in the civil parish of Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green in the English county of Hampshire, as part of the Hampshire Downs. It rises fairly steeply on its northern flank (the scarp side), but to the south the slope is much gentler (the dip side).

What happens in chapter 38 of watership down?

Chapter 38: The Thunder Breaks

Bigwig attacks one of Blackavar’s escorts, while the prisoner fights with the other. Bigwig knocks down both escorts and then takes off with Blackavar and the does right behind him.

What happens in chapter 32 of watership down?

Chapter 32: Across the Iron Road

He tells Hazel that when he went into the brush with the fox behind him, he bumped into three strange rabbits. He told them to run, but they tried to stop him, so he knocked one of them down and then ran off. He figures the fox must have gotten the rabbit that he knocked down.

How many pages is watership down?

Richard Adams’s Watership Down is a timeless classic and one of the most beloved novels of all time.

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