What was antinous excuse for finishing the contest on another day?

What was antinous excuse for finishing the contest on another day?

What was Antinous’ excuse for finishing the contest on another day? Antinous observed that the feast day of Apollo was a bad day to string a bow and they should try the next day.

What is antinous doing when odysseus shoots him?

Antinous is the first suitor killed by an arrow, because he is the one that said he would marry Penelope and was bothering Odysseus. What is Antinous doing when Odysseus kills him? When Antinous is Drinking from his cup of wine, Odysseus shoots the arrow at his uncovered neck and kills him.

What finally happened to antinous?

Antinous is the first of the suitors to be killed. Drinking in the Great Hall, he is Slain by an arrow to the throat shot by Odysseus. Eurymachus then tries to blame Antinous for the suitors’ wrongs. In one account, Penelope was seduced by Antinous and was sent away by Ulysses to her father Icarius.

Why did odysseus shoot antinous?

Odysseus kills Antinous first Because he is seen as one of the leaders of all these suitors. He is loud and brash. He is not afraid to stir up trouble among all the men seeking to win Penelope’s hand. He is also abusive.

What plan does antinous suggest for finishing the contest with the bow?

Antinous suggests that The contest be postponed until the next day, but then Odysseus asks if he might give the bow a try, an idea that Penelope strongly supports. Odysseus easily strings the weapon and fires an arrow straight through the axes; then he and Telemachus stand together to face the suitors.

What does antinous look like?

Ancient works depicting Antinous depict him as A particularly handsome young man, with a characteristic oval face, smooth complexion, deep-set eyes, full lips, and distinctive hairstyle of thick, wavy locks.

What is antinous doing at the moment he is killed?

Antinous was about to Take a drink of wine, the wine that was Odysseus’ and in his own cup, and when Odysseus shoots him, it is like saying, no more can you drink or eat of my things, no more can you talk to my wife, you are done.

Who was antinous lover?

Antinous and Hadrian Are the most famous homosexual couple in Roman history. This is part of the Queer Relationships collection. Although Hadrian was married, ancient sources reveal that he also had several homosexual relationships. Homosexual relationships were not considered unusual in ancient Rome.

Did the odyssey have a happy ending?

Strengthened by his son’s return and Athena’s blessing, Laertes kills Eupithes. With one father defeating the other, the war ends there. Under directions from Zeus, Athena stops the conflict and calls for peace and cooperation. Prosperity is restored to Ithaca, and Odysseus is home at last.

What does antinous say to odysseus?

Antinous ridicules Odysseus, saying that The wine has gone to his head and that he will bring disaster upon himself, just like the legendary drunken centaur Eurytion.

Why is antinous the worst suitor?

Antinous is the most disrespectful of the suitors and is The one who devises a plan to murder Telemachus upon his return to Ithaca. Although his plan is vetoed by Amphinomus, Antinous continues to behave arrogantly.

What is antinous reaction to the challenge?

What is Antinous’ and Eurymachus’ reaction to the challenge? Antinous Yells at the servants for crying. He then admits it will be a difficult challenge to overcome (which he hopes to do). Eurymachus considers it a disgrace if they cannot string the bow.

Does antinous try to string the bow?

After the men agree, Odysseus asks to be allowed to test his strength by stringing the bow. Antinous refuses.

What did antinous throw at the beggar?

In the banquet hall, Antinous bullies the ragged beggar/Odysseus and even throws A footstool At him.

How does antinous react to odysseus?

Antinous Berates Odysseus and throws a stool at him. What conflicting values does this exchange between Antinous and Odysseus reveal? Odysseus practices the values of the gods and treats strangers with courtesy. Antinous is not only rude, he also violates his culture’s rules regarding hospitality.

What does antinous throw that hits odysseus?

When Odysseus answers insult with insult, Antinous gives him a blow with A stool That disgusts even the other suitors. Report of this cruelty reaches Penelope, who asks to have the beggar brought to her so that she can question him about Odysseus.

Where did odysseus shoot antinous?

Odysseus shoots Antinous Through the throat Just as the suitor is about to take a sip of wine.