Why would internet work on one device but not another?

Why would internet work on one device but not another?

Sometimes you run into a Wi-Fi issue with one particular device. It’s probably just a momentary network issue. Try turning off the Wi-Fi on your device, then re-enabling it. If that doesn’t work, do the same with your router by unplugging it and then plugging it back in 30 seconds later.

Why is wifi not working on my laptop but working on other devices?

The most common one relates to Correctly authenticating with the target network. Other possible causes include faulty Wi-Fi network configuration, a malfunctioning modem or router, corrupt or failing network hardware or drivers, or antivirus software or firewall blocking your connection.

Why is my internet not working only on my computer?

Check for Physical Connectivity Issues

Sometimes internet connection may fail due to simple things like a loose or unplugged network cable, modem, or router. If you’re on a wireless network, your computer’s wireless network interface card might be turned off.

Why is my computer not connecting to wifi when other devices are?

If you can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network that you could connect to before, it’s possible that The network settings might have changed or the profile is corrupted. To fix this, remove (or “forget”) the network connection, then reconnect to the network.

Why does my wifi work on everything but my computer?

Check that the wireless button on a laptop is toggled on. It may be a Function (Fn) key or it may be an actual switch on the side. Try powering off modem, router and PC and then restarting in that order with 1 minute in between each. Try all of these steps: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10741/…

Why is my wireless internet not working on my laptop?

To troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network, you can Restart the modem and the router. This helps create a new connection to your internet service provider (ISP). Disconnect the cables of both your modem and router. Wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging the modem back into the power source.

How do i reset my wireless connection on my laptop?

On a PC:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset.
  2. Click Reset now. Your laptop will remove your network adapters, then it will restart and reinstall them. You may need to reinstall any VPN software you’re using.
  3. Go back into your Wi-Fi settings and try to connect to your network.

Where is the wi-fi reset button?

The reset button is almost always On the back or underside of a router. The most universal way to reset a router, however, is via the reset button, usually found on the router’s back or underside. This button is almost always recessed but you should be able to access it with a straightened-out paper clip.

Why does my wifi work on everything but my phone?

The problem could be your device or your device’s wifi adapter, not the router. Therefore, consider troubleshooting tips such as restarting your phone, forgetting the network, and reconnecting or resetting your phone’s wifi network.

Why does my android say connected but no internet but it works for my other phone?

More often than not, you might be facing this issue because Your router is not connected to the internet. So, try to connect to that router wirelessly using another device and see if you can access the internet.

Why does one device say no internet?

Reason 2 – Single Device Has No Internet Access

It has a corrupted DNS cache. Your device’s firewall or anti-virus software is causing issues. It has outdated or incorrect network information, such as its Gateway or IP address. There’s an issue with your wireless adapter.