What are the best soccer cleats for a striker?

What are the best soccer cleats for a striker?

Best football boots for strikers & shooting 2022

  1. Adidas X Speedportal. Image from adidas.
  2. Nike Mercurial Vapor. Image from Unisport. …
  3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9. Image from Unisport. …
  4. Puma Ultra Ultimate. Image from Unisport. …
  5. Nike Phantom GT2. Image from Unisport. …

Are mercurials good for strikers?

Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite

Aside from looking drop dead gorgeous, in FFT’s opinion at least, the Air Zoom Superfly IX is among the lightest boots on the market and offer unbeatable traction – making them Ideal for speedy attacking players.

Are nike phantoms for strikers?

Preferred by the likes of Harry Kane and Edinson Cavani, The Phantom GT 2 is the ultimate striker’s choice. With Generative Texture in the upper, the Phantom GT prevents the ball from slicking away and helps the striker control it on his first touch.

Are copas good for strikers?

Adidas Copa Sense +

On the forefoot leather, there are touch pods for even better ball control. This comes in handy for strikers who need the most accurate kicks at goal.

What position are mercurials for?

Nike Mercurial Vapor/Superfly: This popular Nike attacking model is getting quite popular among the Fast fullbacks. The football boots offers lightweight, tight fit, touch and good grip. It has a narrow fit.

What does gt stand for in nike phantom?

Generative Texture (GT) explained

Nike’s researchers spent years studying pressure points when passing, dribbling and shooting. The data they collected led them to create the Generative Texture pattern – a grippy texture that is applied across the cleats for enhanced control of the ball.

What position are hypervenoms for?

Hypervenom Phinish/Phantom II: With its soft upper and stable soleplate the Hypervenom fits the flexible attacker with good technique. Optimised for maximum movement and precise finishes. Well suited for Wingers who like to cut into the pitch and take shots. It has a medium fit.

What position wears copa?

Adidas Copa – For Midfielders Who want to control the ball perfectly, for whom every touch is crucial and accuracy is key. This is the distributor’s cleat.

Are lighter football boots better?

Lightweight football boots are ideal for wingers or strikers who don’t feel comfortable in heavier boots, but They won’t miraculously turn you into a speed demon next time you step over the white line.

What are mercurials good for?


  • The Nike Mercurial cleats are very comfortable for a lightweight boot. Arguably because of the pliable Flyknit upper and the microfiber.
  • They are super responsive, meaning they react well to someone’s foot movement.
  • They provide tremendous and aggressive traction. The traction helps with grip and running first.

Can strikers wear tiempos?

It’s hard to judge which ones in this list are the best of the best, though The Nike Tiempo certainly stands out. Any of the choices above are a great choice cleat for a striker.

Who wears mercurial superfly?

Kylian Mbappe Currently wears the Nike Mercurial Superfly football boot and is considered to be one of Nike’s biggest footballers along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho, both of whom also wear the Mercurial.

Is mercurial vapor 14 good for wide feet?

Nike Mercurial 14

It may come as a bit of a surprise that we have included a pair of Nike Mercurials on a list of football boots for wide feet. Over time the Nike Mercurial has got a more spacious construction, which is good news for all of us with wide feet.