What does pilikia mean?

What does pilikia mean?

This word only. [Hawaiian Dictionary (Hawaiian)] pili.kia. nvi. Trouble of any kind, great or small; problem, nuisance, bother, distress, adversity, affliction, accident, difficulty, inconvenience, perturbation, tragedy, lack; in trouble, troubled, bothered, cramped, crowded (2 Nal.

How do you say your welcome in hawaiian?

3. ‘A’ ole palikir – You’re welcome/ No problem.

What does mohala mean in hawaii?

Mohala means To “unfold” or blossom, like the petals of a flower would. The word mohala can also be used to describe a young man or woman, just past adolescence who has blossomed into an adult. Mohala is also the metaphorical unfolding of an idea or initial plan which then evolves into a fully realized vision.

What does luku mean in hawaiian?

[Hawaiian Dictionary (Hawaiian)] luku. nvt. Massacre, slaughter, destruction; to massacre, destroy, slaughter, lay waste, devastate, exterminate, ravage.

What does maka koa mean?

Nvs., Bold, unafraid, fierce. Literally, Brave eye.

What do hawaiians say when you sneeze?

In Hawaiian we say “Kihe a mauli ola”. In other words, sneeze, and may you have long life.” Mauli ola literally means breath of life, power of healing. More often, though, people will just say ola, when someone sneezes. So next time the person next to you sneezes, say Kihe a mauli ola or just ola.

What does da nani mean in hawaiian?

Hawaiʻi Public Radio – Another very commonly used Hawaiian word is nani. Nani means beautiful. It is often used in names as in pua nani for “Beautiful flower.”