Which word is associated with pressed tightly?

Which word is associated with pressed tightly?

What is another word for pressed tightly?

Pinched Crushed
Cramped Confined
Squeezed Gripped

What is another word of tightly?

Tightly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for tightly?

Firmly Fast
Tight Securely
Solid Solidly
Rigidly Steadily
Immovably Durably

What is the meaning of pressed tightly together?

To apply pressure to two or more people or things in order for them to be sealed or stuck close together.

What are synonyms for pressed?

  • Compressed,
  • Mashed,
  • Punched,
  • Squashed,
  • Squeezed,
  • Squished,
  • Squooshed.

What is antonyms of tightly?

We have listed all the opposite words for tightly alphabetically. loosely. about. almost. around.

Which word means to hold on tightly?

Grip Means to hold something tightly.

What is a meaning of tightly?

Firmly or closely: The baby was clutching his toy tightly in his grubby fist. Many commuters are forced to stand, tightly packed in, like sardines. Tight and tightening. astringency.

What does this is pressed mean?

(Internet slang) Upset, bothered. quotations ▼ Nicki stans are pressed because her album premiered at number 4. (nautical) Recruited by a press gang.

What do you mean by or pressed?

(prest ) 1. adjective [verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you say that you are pressed for time or pressed for money, you mean that You do not have enough time or money at the moment.

What does well pressed mean?

AdjectiveSmart, snappy in appearance. clean-cut. neat. orderly.

What is the verb of tightly?

1[intransitive, transitive] To become or make something become tight or tighter Tighten (up) The rope holding the boat suddenly tightened and broke. His mouth tightened into a thin line. tighten something (up) to tighten a lid/screw/rope/knot The nuts weren’t properly tightened and the wheel came off.

What word means not tight?

Not taut or held tightly in position. Slack. Loose. Relaxed. Limp.

How do you use tightly in a sentence?

Use “tightly” in a sentence

The luggage was secured tightly to the top of the car. Hold on tightly to the railing. She fastened her belt tightly.

What does keep tight mean?

Keep a tight grip/rein/hold on something phrase. DEFINITIONS2. Used for telling someone to hold something, so that they do not drop it or so that they do not fall. Hold tight when we go round the corner!

Is it hold tight or hold tightly?

Tight and tightly are both adverbs that come from the adjective tight. They have the same meaning, but tight is often used instead of tightly after a verb, especially in informal language, and in compounds: packed tight. a tight-fitting lid.

What is the meaning of holding tightly in the arms?

Bosom, embrace, hug, squeeze. squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness.

How do you use the word tightly in a sentence?

Tightly sentence example. He held her tightly and stroked her hair. Mums hugged her tightly, too emotional to speak. He closed his eyes tightly and swallowed around the lump in his throat.