What does jerry mother think when he first asks to go down to the rocks?

What does jerry mother think when he first asks to go down to the rocks?

In “Through the Tunnel,” what does Jerry’s mother think when he first asks to go down to the rocks? She tells herself that He will be safe without her. She worries that he will hurt himself on the rocks.

Which of the following words is most connected to a sense of safety and security for jerry?

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Beach Is the word which is most connected to a sense of safety and security for Jerry. It is the safest place which we readers encounter in the above story.

What is jerry’s relationship with his mother in through the tunnel?

Jerry’s relationship with his mother is complicated. She does her best to raise him how she wants, but then finds herself worrying over what amusements he might secretly be longing for (Lines 10-12). His mother was the one to open up the door to Jerry’s tunnel encounter.

Why does jerry’s mother feel she is too protective in through the tunnel?

She feels she is too protective because She’s a widow and sometimes doesn’t consider what Jerry wants.

What does the tunnel symbolize in through the tunnel?

The tunnel represents Jerry’s passageway from youth to maturity, a symbolic journey from boyhood to manhood. By proving himself worthy, Jerry is showing the world that he is no longer a child. In the end, Jerry’s climatic swim through the dark, dangerous tunnel proves his strength and endurance.

What is the significance of jerry’s being referred to as the english boy in through the tunnel?

-jerry is called “the english boy” Represents jerry as an outsider to the local community and that he has the ability to go out into the world on his own. Protagonist. Jerry (11 years old, child of single mom, widow)

What are some examples of word choice that convey the setting of through the tunnel your response should be at least 75 words?

The examples of word choice that convey the setting of ‘Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing’ are the Rocky beach, long Underwater tunnel, wild-bay, safe beach, shore, holiday. These words tell us that they are on holidays at the beachside. The writer has used these words carefully to develop the mood of the story.

How does jerry relationship with his mother change?

She, on her end, wants to strike a balance, by being “neither possessive nor lacking in devotion.” However, When he gets obsessed with finding a way around the underwater tunnel, he spends all his time practising under water and does not listen to her.

What is his mother’s internal conflict through the tunnel?

The internal conflict of Jerry in Through the Tunnel is Between duty and desire. This conflict that Jerry faces extends to his mother, which is why they both show indecision, not only through their thoughts, but also their actions; they vacillate between taking care of each and getting away from each other.

What concerns does jerry’s mother have about raising him?

1. What concerns does Jerry’s mother have about raising him? He will never have a father figure in his life, so he had to prove his mom that he wasn’t a child, by going through the tunnel.

What does jerry realize in through the tunnel?

By the end of the story, Jerry has proved his abilities to himself, and no longer seeks the approval of the older boys. Thus, his journey “through the tunnel” is symbolic of the journey all children must go through—from dependence on their parents to a degree of independence.

What lesson did jerry learn in through the tunnel?

In Doris Lessing’s “Through the Tunnel,” Jerry, an eleven year old boy, overcomes many conflicts and challenges that lead him to the results of growing up and establishing himself as an individual. Through the use of symbolism and characterization, Lessing suggests that It requires conflict to achieve maturity.

What important lesson did jerry learn about himself in through the tunnel?

He, from the beginning, wanted to turn away from his mother at all costs, not only because she was very possessive but because he wanted to be independent. By the end, however, he understands that He can be, without having to take his mother out of his life.

What is the main message in through the tunnel?

The passage from childhood to adulthood Is the theme of “Through the Tunnel.” When Jerry first arrives on holiday with his mother, they spend their time together on “the safe beach,” but Jerry’s thoughts are about “the wild bay.” What Jerry experiences about himself in that bay will help him to leave behind the …

What is the main message or theme of this story through the tunnel?

Childhood and Maturity

“Through the Tunnel” is the story of Jerry, a young boy who is training to make a physical passage through an underwater tunnel, but it is also a story about a boy preparing (unbeknown to him) to make the passage from childhood into young adulthood.

What is the message in through the tunnel?

In Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing we have the theme of Connection, isolation, determination, failure, independence, conflict and coming of age. Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Lessing may be exploring the theme of connection.

What is jerry’s relationship with his mother at the beginning?

At the beginning of the story, Jerry is shown to be Attached to his mother As he follows her to the beach and feels guilty if he displeases her.

Why do you think jerry tells the narrator he has a mother?

Jerry tells the narrator that he has a mother because He wants to protect her from becoming too attached to him, he is prideful and doesn’t want her pity, doesn’t want her to see his vulnerability that he might have, and he might want to protect himself from too much attention.

How does jerry feel about himself after swimming through the tunnel?

How does Jerry feel about himself after swimming through the tunnel? He felt proud Because he did what he set out to do.