What was the decision in mendez vs westminster?

What was the decision in mendez vs westminster?

The judge ordered the Mexican-American children to attend school on an equal basis with the others in the community. This was the first successful school desegregation court decision in the nation.

What was the ruling of the mendez vs westminster?

Unusual Trial Evidence

U.S. District Court Judge Paul J. McCormick agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered that The school districts cease their “discriminatory practices against the pupils of Mexican descent in the public schools.”

What is the mendez decision?

The courts ruled in favor of the Mendez family and their co-plaintiffs in California, Finding segregated schools to an unconstitutional.

What was one result of the mendez vs westminster decision quizlet?

This court case decided that segregation of Mexican-American children without specific state law is unconstitutional. Impact of the case? Segregation ended in schools.

What did mendez v. westminster accomplish what did it fail to do?

From a legal perspective, Mendez v. Westminster was the first case to hold that school segregation itself is unconstitutional and violates the 14th Amendment.

Why does the mendez vs westminster case matter?

Their California case Mendez v. Westminster Overturned racial segregation in education in California And set a precedent for the eventual Brown v. Board of Education case.