Why does brian want fire in hatchet?

Why does brian want fire in hatchet?

In Chapter 9 of Hatchet, Brian works hard to build an actual fire. The fire can help him keep small animals away, like the porcupine from the night before. It can also stave off even more dangerous animals.

What did brian use the fire for?

” The fire will Help keep small animals out of his cabin, and Brian thinks of the cabin as a friend and a guard. Brian wishes that he had someone to tell about the fire, but he realizes that he has nobody to tell. He wonders what his family is doing and if his mother is with her new lover at that very moment.

How does brian feel when he finally makes a fire?

Brian was Proud of himself and overjoyed That he finally was able to make a fire.

How does brian try to start the fire the first time?

How does Brian try to start the first fire? He tried to start a fire by Rubbing 2 sticks together.

Which of the following was not a reason brian wanted a fire?

Q. Which of the following was NOT a reason Brian wanted fire? The fire would keep away animals like the porcupine.

What was brian’s plan for a signal fire?

Explain Brian’s plan for a signal fire. He would Pile wood on top of the stone bluff. When he hears a plane he would light a piece of wood from his fire in the cave and run up top and light it. These things keep him busy and keep his mind busy.

How did the sun help brian?

Brian is frustrated—he knows he needs fire—until he sees the golden light of the sun against his hatchet. Gold like fire. He realizes that he can make fire with the hatchet and stone.

What did brian use as fuel for the fire?

In Hatchet, birch bark, sparks from the dwelling walls, and Oxygen Are what Brian uses to create fire. He considers the fire a friend and knows that he will have to continually feed it.

What did brian do with the pieces of aluminum he chopped off?

In Chapter 18, how long did it take Brian to get the survival pack from the plane to his shelter? In Chapter 18, about how many feet down did Brian have to dive to get his hatchet back? In Chapter 18, what did Brian do with the pieces of plane he chopped off? He dropped them into the lake.